Thanks to 10 plants developed, installed, and managed internally, in complete autonomy, we reach 225.8 MW of wind-generated electricity. WIND: 225.8 MWSOLAR: 8 MWTOTAL INSTALLED: 233.8 MW


We celebrate our 20 years and the 3 new farms of Stornara (expansion), S.Maria La Scala and Nannarone in Foggia come into operation.


Thanks to the latest plants in Stornarella (FG) we have now reached an overall 190.6 MW installed capacity (wind + solar power).


This was the year when we inaugurated the parco eolico Banzi, the first wind farm in the Basilicata region, and celebrated Inergia's first 15 years of activity.


The 54.6 MW Orta Nova (FG) plant became operative in December. At that time, this was the most important park ever built by Inergia and enabled us to reach a total of around 150 MW installed capacity thanks to 5 [...]


We started up the first two solar PV parks in the Lecce wind farm area, each with 1 MW installed capacity. Inergia became the very first “integrated territorial energy production hub”. The idea was as simple as it was ground-breaking: [...]


With 36 MW total installed capacity, the first Inergia wind farm in Lecce was activated.

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