A partner for sustainable development

With a focus on issues like sustainability, environmental protection and climate change, Inergia is one of the most important players in the energy business.

From liaising with the Public Administration Authorities to scouting and identifying the construction sites, Inergia assesses the environmental impact of the project and deals with the permits and authorization formalities.

Our constant commitment

We believe in people and respect for the environment.
Our mission, our values and goals are totally geared to finding innovative solutions
allowing us to tackle climate change. We also focus on economic sustainability that creates value for the stakeholders and
allows social and environmental impact to be handled in a better way.

2030 goals “40-32-32,5”

When it comes to the environmental goals for the year 2030, Inergia is ready to take up the challenge. More precisely: The new European framework has set the following targets: 40% cuts in greenhouse gas emissions (from 1990 levels); 32% share for renewable sources in energy consumption; 32.5% cuts in energy consumption compared to the 2008 reference scenario as energy efficiency goal.

2025: coal phase-out

The document sets 2025 as the deadline established by the Italian Government for phasing-out the use of coal, i.e. the gradual total decarbonization of the country. These goals can only be achieved through daily commitment to researching and developing renewable energies.