On 15 June, the annual assembly of ANEV was held on the occasion of which the Board of Directors of the Association was renewed, confirming the high profile of its members.


The assembly of members of ANEV, which now has over 110 member companies, approved the budget of the Association, and expressed a new Board of Directors for the three-year period 2023-2026, and formally indicated the Board, the Vice-Presidents and the President . In the light of the names expressed and the companies represented, ANEV confirms the very high professional and industrial level that the national wind energy sector embodies.


A heartfelt thanks was addressed by Simone Togni to the outgoing members of the Executive Committee and of the Board of Directors for the quality of the activities carried out in the last three years and for the great collaboration shown in achieving the common goal of supporting the national wind industry, new members, on the other hand, a wish to begin this three-year period with even greater impetus than in the three years that have just ended.


The new Board of Directors will shortly be called upon to fulfill the formal obligations required by the statute and make the associative structure fully operational.


Below is the list of members of the Board of Directors: Umberto Preda; Andrea Tolai Bartali; Elise Borghese; Maurizio Panfilo Corvino; Luca Carosielli; Roberto Cairoli; Francesco Esposito; Donato Macchia; Pierluigi Marongiu; Valerio Faccenda; Luigi Imperato; Raffaella Monzani; Paolo Raia; Christian D’Alessio; Matthias Giussani; Stephanie Frisenna; Nicholas DeVizia; Angelica Orlando; Pietro Mauriello; Giampiero Goretti; Robert Easter; Rossella Pasqualicchio; Salvatore Platania; Simone Togni; Mauro Ferrari.


The list of members of the Executive Board: Giampiero Goretti; Pietro Mauriello; Salvatore Platania; Paolo Raia; Maurizio Panfilo Corvino; Rossella Pasqualicchio; Robert Easter.


Oreste Vigorito is Honorary President; Luca Bragoli, Francesco Amati and Marco Peruzzi Vice Presidents; Roberto Venafro, Scientific Secretary and Davide Astiaso Garcia, Secretary General.


Simone Togni was confirmed President of ANEV.